Euro-Mediterranean Musicology

To celebrate the closure of the 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration

On Thursday evening, November 03rd, we are delighted to announce that we have lined up a particularly brilliant and varied evening of Euro-Mediterranean music for you, performed by gifted local musicians… Wishing you lots of fun!

Guided Tours

We are also planning a half-day guided tour of old city Sousse and a visit to the Mediterranean village Sidi Bou Said on Thursday, November 3rd after lunch at 2 pm.

The two hour tour of old city Sousse includes many of the major sites of the medina (old town) of Sousse, one of the finest examples of Arab architecture in Tunisia, preserved almost completely unchanged throughout the centuries.

The half day visit to the Mediterranean village Sidi Bou Said will continue to amaze you throughout your entire trip. The entire town is located on top of a steep cliff north of Tunis, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The view from Sidi Bou Said is absolutely phenomenal. The entire village is simply beautiful, with flowers draped from almost every wall and doorway, and beautiful flowing vines hanging throughout the entire area.