The scientific committee of the 4th EMCEI invites research papers on all cross-cutting themes of the environmental sciences and engineering, with a main focus on the following 13 conference tracks:

  • Track 1. Engineering applications for environmental management
    Chief Editor: Nicolas Roche, France
  • Track 2. Process control, simulations and intensification for environmental management
    Chief Editor: Sudip Chakraborty, Italy
  • Track 3. Ecotoxicology, environmental safety and bioremediation
    Chief Editor: Eric D. van Hullebusch, France
  • Track 4. Biotechnology for environmental management
    Chief Editor: Philippe Michaud, France
  • Track 5. Climate-change-related effects on the environment and ecological systems
    Chief Editor: Elena Xoplaki, Germany
  • Track 6. Natural resources, agriculture and the environment
    Chief Editor: Armando da Costa Duarte, Portugal
  • Track 7. Smart technologies for environmentally friendly energy production
    Chief Editor: Jaya Narayan Sahu, Germany
  • Track 8. Remote sensing and GIS for environmental monitoring and management
    Chief Editor: Anthony Lehmann, Switzerland
  • Track 9. Environmental impacts of natural hazards and environmental risk assessment
    Chief Editor: Settimio Ferlisi, Italy
  • Track 10. Sustainable management of marine and coastal environments
    Chief Editor: João Miguel Dias, Portugal
  • Track 11. Sustainable management of the urban environment, the indoor and built environment
    Chief Editor: Benigno Sánchez Cabrero, Spain
  • Track 12. Ecosystems and biodiversity conservation
    Chief Editor: Helen Kopnina, The Netherlands
  • Track 13. Environmental-change-related impacts on human, animal, and ecosystem health
    Chief Editor: Georgios Nikolopoulos, Cyprus